Pirates of the Caribbean
Catching the film makers and critics by surprise, "Pirates of the Caribbean" was destined to become one of 2003s hottest movies, and the big break Johnny Depp had been searching for.
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The C & M Custom Plaque program allows you to custom build your own unique collectible.  Choose your Plaque's contents from the PhotoCards displayed below, and complete the following instructions.
(1)  Choose your desired PhotoCards from the selections below:

      For a $15.00 - 3 card Plaque choose two (2) PhotoCards

      For a $25.00 - 6 card Plaque choose five (5) PhotoCards

      For a $35.00 - 9 card Plaque choose eight (8) PhotoCards

      In each Plaque we add a Gold or Silver header card

(2)  Note the PhotoCard ID listed below each picture  (ie  Pirates 01)

(3)  Send us an email telling us what size plaque you desire and the PhotoCards
      you want in your plaque
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