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Ordering Information
To order your Custom made Plaques:
Email us your name and Snail Mail Address, Your Email Address, phone number and A Description of the item(s) you desire,

Our EMAIL is:    CMPlaques@gmail.com
We'll Reply to your Email with:
A confirmation of your order and contents along with the Total Cost including Shipping and Handling. 
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Select your desired plaque or 3D
When accept payment tnrough PAYPAL because it is so safe and secure.   
Go to WWW.Paypal.com and select "SEND MONEY".
PAYPAL will ask you to enter the ID of the person you are sending your payment TO:
Enter our email address:  CMPlaques@gmail.com
Then complete PAYPALs transaction form supplying your Email address, Name and ship-to information, payment method, and the amount you are sending.