C & M 3D Art and Collectibles
Our C & M Unique 3D Collectibles:

During 2006 we added a new line of very unique 3D collectibles. These new and unique collectibles allow us to see true 3 dimension pictures.  Each picture measures 8" x 10" and fits into a standard picture frame.   Each one must be hand made and, using 8 to 10 different processing steps, taakes several hours to create.

We have an inventory of over 50 different 3D collectibles and are adding more all the time.  Because each work of art is hand made, we'll have to talk via email to make sure we have the one you are interested in. 

When purchasing one of our ready made designs the cost is $55.00 plus shipping. 

Below are some examples of the kind of 3D collectible art we have produced.

Currently we have the following football teams available in 3D:

Seahawks  Raider   49er   Chargers

Broncos  Cowboy   Chiefs  Bears

Packers    Colts     Giants    Steelers


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